Job Seekers

» Career Center Resources

  • Resume assistance
  • Typing certificates
  • Assistance in completing job applications
  • Fax machines
  • Photocopiers
  • Email access

» Vocational Testing
Interest and aptitude testing is available, along with professional interpretation of test results.

» Career Counseling
Qualified job counselors provide career guidance and help to identify transferable skills for those changing careers.

» Scholarships for Vocational Training
Training in demand occupations is available to eligible youth, adults and older workers. Scholarships are available for tuition, books, tools and transportation.

» Job Search Assistance
Qualified job developers assist in matching motivated applicants with available jobs.

» On-The-Job-Training
A 50% wage reimbursement is offered to employers to offset the cost of hiring and training qualified new employees.

» Jobs for Youth
Young people between the ages of 18 and 24 may be sponsored for Vocational Training and offered paid work experience in areas of their career interest.

» Displaced Worker Services
Training and employment services are available to workers laid-off due to business closures; displaced homemakers; and individuals unlikely to return to the type of work in which they were previously employed.

» Business Closure Assistance
Includes employee orientations covering One-Stop services, financial management, job search and resume assistance as well as career counseling.


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