The interview is over. You wonder if there’s anything more you can do to increase your chances of being hired?   The good news – yes there is!

Thank you notes after the interview are always a good idea. Make it a habit to write the interviewer to thank them for their time. These notes can also serve to remind the interviewer of one of your strengths, or to share a thought, skill or experience you forgot to mention.

After a day of interviewing, employers often pare their list down to two or three people they feel could do the job – the “short-list”. Some employers will go directly to checking references; others will set up a second interview to get more information. Your job is to convince the employer that you belong on the “short list”.

Once your interview is over, the best way to continue impacting the employer’s decision is with a note or letter. You may also want to send a note of thanks to a receptionist, or other person at the business that was particularly helpful.

The length and formality of the thank you note depends on the type of job you’re seeking. For entry-level jobs, a hand written note on a thank you card is very appropriate. You can jot down a short note after the interview, and ask that it be hand delivered to the person you interviewed with as soon as possible.

For jobs that will require higher levels of responsibility, you may want to compose a letter, reiterating that you are very interested in the job, and that you look forward to hearing from the employer. Regardless of the length or form of the correspondence, it should be in the interviewer’s hand by the end of the day for the greatest impact. If this isn’t possible, fax the letter, or mail it as a last resort. Make sure to get a business card, or write down the name of the interviewer and the business address.

Your chances of landing the job hinges on the employer seeing that you’ll not only bring the right skills to the job, but that you have initiative to go the extra mile. Thank you notes or letters are one way you can demonstrate you stand out above the crowd.