When seeking a job, assume everyone at the jobsite has the ability to either hire you or to influence whether you get hired. Grace everyone you meet with kindness and your best manners, leaving them with a positive feeling about you and your ability to get along with others.

In most cases, employers simply take an applicant’s word that they can do the job, as pre-employment proficiency tests are time consuming and expensive. The test of whether the person can actually do the job often comes after they begin work.

For employers that don’t use pre-employment tests, other factors are considered in the hiring process, such as whether the person will fit in at the worksite. Whether you work with customers or other employees, there are very few jobs where you don’t work around other people. Someone who is good at the job, but alienates others because of an abrasive personality or a short temper creates more harm than good.

During the interview, let the employer know that you understand the importance of a positive attitude and the ability to get along with the public and fellow employees. As the interview ends, thank the employer for the time they took to speak with you, and tell them you look forward to hearing from them. If there was someone at the business that was particularly helpful in providing information or offering a friendly smile, mention that person by name to the interviewer.

Be prepared to compose and leave a hand written thank you note for the interviewer, expressing your interest in working for the company and again thanking them for the opportunity to discuss your skills and interests in their business.

Ask the receptionist to get the note to the interviewer as soon as possible. Employers will often make a decision on who to hire even before the interviews are complete. Don’t miss your chance to further influence that decision by waiting until the next day to send the thank you note. After delivering the thank you note, personally thank anyone that was particularly helpful in the employment process. It won’t hurt to leave others with a positive impression.

Finally, don’t forget to check with previous employers if you are looking for a job. Call to thank them for the chance they gave you to work there and ask if they have any current openings or if they are aware of others who are hiring. At minimum, that will leave your previous employer with a good impression if a future employer calls them for an employment reference.