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Lemoore  Kings County, California

Lemoore is located on Hwy 198, 195 miles north of Los Angeles, 210 miles south of both San Francisco and Sacramento and 30 miles south of Fresno, incorporated July 11, 1900.

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Climate Population * 1990 2003 2004 2005 04-05%
Transportation Kings Co. 101,469 137,400 141,400 145,110 2.5%
Industrial Sites Lemoore 13,622 21,208 21,944 22,579 2.9%
Water Supply . . . . . .
Sewer Service Taxable Sales ** 1990 2003 2004 . 03-04% Change
Storm Drain/Flood Ctrl Kings Co. $582,138,000 $1,007,437,000 $1,089,349,000 . 8.1%
Natural Gas Lemoore $77,000,000 $139,948,000 $135,044,000 . 7.2%
Electric Power . . . . . .
Telephone Other *** 1990 2002 2003 . 02-03% Change
Taxes & Ins. Rates Occ. Dwellings 4,887 7,047 7,124 . 2.4%
Recreation Pub Schools (K-8) 1,579 5,414 5,539 . 2.3%
Housing Availability Pub Schools (9-12) 1,279 2,138 2,098 . -1.9%
Major Employers SOURCE: Kings County Superintendant of Schools

  Period Min ° Mean ° Max ° In. 4:00am 10:00am 4:00pm 221ft
  January 34 44 54 1.10 86% 85% 67% Prevailing Winds
  April 43 59 75 .60 71 52 34 Direction N.W.
  July 62 81 100 .00 53 39 21 Mean Wind Sp
  October 47 62 77 .30 65 52 33 6 mph
  Annual       6.50 71 58 41  
  SOURCE: * CA Dept of Finance   ** CA State Board of Equalization   *** Kings County Planning

  • Rail: Southern Pacific Railway freight service is provided through the San Joaquin Valley Railroad. An AMTRAK passenger station is close by.
  • Truck: UPS guaranteed overnight ground service available to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Several inter and intra state companies, as well as local contract haulers, serve Lemoore with overnight delivery to Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  • Air: Airports within 30 miles include - Fresno Air Terminal for freight and passenger service, Hanford Municipal Utility Airport with 4,200 foot runway is 10 miles away.

  • Bus: Kings Area Rural Transit has daily commuter service.
  • Highways: Freeway 198 and Highway 41. Lemoore is midway (20 miles) between interstate 5 and Highway 99.
There are two industrial parks in the city limits zoned for highway commercial and light industrial. The Lemoore Industrial Park is located at the crossroads of Highways 198 and 41 with access to both. The Park consists of 400 acres of improved and unimproved land. Parcels from 3 to 100 acres are available. Sales prices range from $10,000 to $40,000 per acre. The terrain is flat, drainage is good, subsoil is sandy loam and piling is not required. The northern 150 acres are served by 12-inch water mains. Sewer lines range in size from 6-15 inches. The Industrial Park is located in both the Kings County Enterprise Zone and the Kings Recycling and Development Zone. The Semas-Pedersen Industrial Park is located west of Highway 41 and contains 240 acres of light industrial zoned property. All of this property is Greenfield at the present with no infrastructure in place. However, the property does have access to rail whereas the Lemoore Industrial Park does not.

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Pumping capacity is 4.75 MGD. Residential charges are $9.75 per 700 cubic feet per month. $.65 per 100 cubic feet up to 2,100 cubic feet per month. Fees for new construction are calculated on a per acre basis.

Average load is 25 MGD with capacity of 4.4 MGD. Additional capacity is available for industrial development. Commercial sewer service charge is calculated using a formula based on residential equivalents. Fees for new construction are calculated on a per acre basis. For more information regarding commercial sewer charges, contact the City of Lemoore: 119 Fox Street, Lemoore CA 93245 - Phone: 559-924-6715

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Storm drain master plans are adopted for al l parts of the City. Fees are calculated on a per acre basis.

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Name of Supplier: The Gas Company
For special industrial rates contact The Gas Company office located at 5000 W. Cypress, Visalia, CA 93277. Telephone number: (213) 244-1200

Name of Supplier: Pacific Gas and Electric Company
For special rates contact the Pacific Gas and Electric Company office located at 344 W. D Street, Lemoore, CA 93245. Telephone number: (559) 924-9540.

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Name of Supplier:: AT&T
For rates contact the AT&T Telephone Company office located at 5555 Olive Avenue, Room C-130, Fresno, CA 93762. Telephone number: (661) 327-6565.

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  Retail Sales Tax: State 6% -   City/County 1.25%  Total: 7.25%  
  Typical Commercial Property Tax Rate:1.02% annual  
  Typical Industrial Property Tax Rate:1.02% annual  
  City Fire Insurance Rating: Class 3  
  Earthquake Index: .4  

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  Company # of Employees Product  
  Communication Services for the Deaf
Leprino Foods (East & West)
SK Foods
Food Kings Market
Days Inn
Lemoore Naval Air Station
Best Western
The Palace Casino
300seasonal/50 year-round
1400 civilians
Relay Call Service
Mozzarella Cheese
Tomato Paste
Retail Foods
Retail Sundries
Retail Food
Electricity Suppler
Naval Support
Gaming Complex

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The city has five parks, two baseball parks, four playgrounds, skate park, paintball facility, 18-hole golf course, public swimming pool, skeet field, softball and soccer sports complex, midget race track, motor-cross track, racquetball/tennis club, and fishing and hunting nearby. Also numerous adult, youth and senior citizen activity clubs and civic organizations are established in Lemoore. The Sierra Nevada mountains and the beaches of the Pacific Coast are both within a two hour drive.

Rentals for one and two bedroom apartments and duplexes range from $550 to $750 per month. Rentals for two and three bedroom houses range from $900 to $1300 per month. Average sales price of existing homes is currently $274,000. There are four mobile home parks and three motels with 203 total rooms in the Lemoore area.

Lemoore's population continues to grow, as new residents are attracted to the high quality of life, and available economic opportunities. Business and industry are attracted to and stay in Lemoore because of low land prices, an educated workforce, and good transportation access, financial incentives provided by California Enterprise Zone and Recycling Market Development Zone, and a cooperative local government. Over the next few years, the number of military personnel at Lemoore Naval Air Station is expected to increase with new squadron being added to those now based in Lemoore.

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