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Hanford  Kings County, California

The City of Hanford, county seat and largest city in Kings County, is situated in the San Joaquin Valley midway between San Francisco, 215 miles to the north, and Los Angeles, 215 miles to the south. Located in the north central portion of the county, the city is 32 miles south of Fresno. The City of Hanford was incorporated August 8, 1891, and operates under provisions of the State Constitution and Statutes as a general law city. The city has an area of 12.3 square miles.

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City Profiles Demographics Major Employers Transportation Utilities Wage Survey Work Force

Climate Population * 1990 2002 2003 2004 02-03% Change
Transportation Kings Co. 101,469 133,100 137,100 141,400 2.9%
Industrial Sites Hanford 30,897 43,600 44,850 46,350 3.2%
Water Supply . . . . . .
Sewer Service Taxable Sales ** 1990 2001 2002 . 01-02% Change
Storm Drain/Flood Ctrl Kings Co. $582,138,000 $920,033,000 $994,649,000 . 8.1%
Natural Gas Hanford $258,000,000 $4492,305,000 $414,701,000 . 4.6%
Electric Power . . . . . .
Telephone Other *** 1990 2002 2003 . 02-03% Change
Taxes & Ins. Rates Occ. Dwellings 11,445 15,184 15,560 . 2.5%
Community Facilities Pub Schools (K-8) 4,281 9,065 9,318 2.8%
Housing Availability Pub Schools (9-12) 1,961 3,655 3,720 1.8%
Major Employers SOURCE: Kings County Superintendant of Schools

  Period Min ° Mean ° Max ° In. 4:00am 10:00am 4:00pm 249ft
  January 34 44 54 1.44 92% 85% 68% Prevailing Winds
  April 46 60 74 .74 82 52 35 Direction N.W.
  July 62 78 94 .01 64 39 22 Mean Wind Sp
  October 47 64 80 .35 79 52 34 6 mph
  Annual 47 62 76 7.95 80 58 41  
  SOURCE: * CA Dept of Finance   ** CA State Board of Equalization   *** Kings County Planning

  • Highways: Highway 198 (east-west) and Highway 43 (north-south) intersect at Hanford with easy access from the Industrial Park. Highway 99 (north-south) is 15 miles east of Hanford and Interstate 5 to (Los Angeles and San Francisco) is 30 miles to the west.
  • Rail: Santa Fe mainline and Southern Pacific Railroad secondary line.
  • Air: Freight and passenger service at Fresno Air Terminal and Visalia Municipal Airport in addition to the Hanford Municipal Airport with a 4,200 ft. runway.
  • Bus: Kings Area Rural Transit - Countywide service, Orangebelt and Greyhound bus service with connections to the Greyhound network.
  • Truck: Several inter and intra state companies, as well as local contract haulers, serve Hanford with overnight service to Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  • Amtrak Service: Six north and six south bound trains per day.

Kings Industrial Park comprises 1,000 acres of industrially zoned land, with parcels ranging in size from 3 to 105 acres. Most parcels have access to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe line railroad with spurs and sidings currently available. Terrain is flat and all parcels are pad ready and fully serviced. Drainage is good, subsoil is sandy loam and piling is not required. Land prices range from $15,000 to $22,000 per acre. Another 100 acres of light industrially zoned sites are located adjacent to Hanford's Municipal Airport.

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The City of Hanford's deep wells serve Kings Industrial Park and can store 400,000 gallons in the Park's storage tank. This system is connected to the City's water system through 12 inch water mains. Pressure is maintained at 65-80 lbs. Total capacity is 17,590 GPM, current peak demand is 12,000 GPM. Fire hydrants are in place in the park, and a Fire Station is located within the park boundaries. For more information, contact the City of Hanford at (559) 585-2550.

The Cities wastewater treatment facility is currently being expanded from 5.5 million gpd to 8 million gpd. The plant is a secondary treatment disinfected facility. Some industrial wastewater may require pretreatment. For more information, contact the City of Hanford at (559) 585-2560.

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The Infrastructure Master Plan was completed in 1995. All sites in Kings Industrial Park are required to be self-retained, with an on-site drainage basin. Specifications for the basin are available from the City of Hanford at (559) 585-2560.

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The Gas Company provides service to Kings Industrial Park through a range of high-pressure lines (2" to 6"). For industrial rates contact The Gas Company at (559) 739-2395 for more information.

Pacific Gas & Electric Company supplies power to sites south of Iona Avenue in Kings Industrial Park via 12 kv and 70 kv lines. For more information, contact PG&E at 1-800-743-5000. Southern California Edison Company supplies power to sites north of Iona Avenue in Kings Industrial Park via 12 kv and 66 kv lines. For more information, contact SCE at 1-800-990-7788.

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Pacific Bell provides service to Kings Industrial Park through its Hanford electronic switching facility. It offers park tenants fiber optics, ISDN, frame delay, and any other services required for high-speed data communications, Custom 800, WATS and other business services. For more information contact Pacific Bell at (800) 750-2355.

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TAXES AND INSURANCE RATES: (No utility tax and business inventory tax.)
  Sales Tax: 6% - City/County 1.25%   Total: 7.25%  
  Business License:$1 per $1,000 on set scale over $100,000 monthly gross sales.  
  Business Tax:$5 - $100 monthly based on average monthly gross sales per quarter.  
  City Fire Insurance Rating: 4  
  Eathquake Index: .4  

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  Company # of Employees Product  
  Kings County
Adventist Health
Hanford Elementary School District
Del Monte
Marquez Brothers International Inc.
Exopack, Inc.
The Sentinel Publication
Kings Community Action Organization
Exopack, Inc.
Norwesco, Inc.
435 FT/1,500 Seasonal
County Government
Hospital/Health Care
Elementary School
Hispanic Cheese & Dairy Products
Flexible Packaging/Multi-wall Mfr.
Community Service
Corrugated Cardboard Mfr.
Department Store
Molded Polyethylene Tanks

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Rentals for one and two bedroom apartments and duplexes range from $350 to $650 per month. houses range from $400 to $850 per month. The sales price of homes range from $95,000 to $500,000, with an average of $146,980. New housing starts equals approximately 460 per year. There are over 200 Senior housing units, five mobile home parks and eight motels and one Inn with 285 rooms in the community area.

While "quality of life" is a term used by many, it is especially appropriate in Hanford where the caring of its community members is obvious in the high standards it maintains. Hanford is a pro-business community that promotes responsive and properly planned growth. It is a safe, family orientated community where residents enjoy working and living.Hanford is a community that long ago had the imagination to redefine its future by rediscovering its past. Hanford is truly one of California's hidden treasurers, and proud of its history which is evident in its charming historic downtown. It is a unique city that maintains a blend of historic and contemporary living environments. Hanford is the recipient of numerous awards, including the 1997 Prettiest Painted Places, Certified Main Street Helen Putnam Award for Excellence for Downtown Revitalization, Tree City U.S.A., and a 1993 Governor's Preservation Award.

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